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3.5 hours

Agile Scrum Master online training course for beginners

So excited to welcome you on this Scrum for beginners course!

See what you'll learn in more detail to decide if this course is right for you:

• Agile Mindset. Learn where Agile comes from.
• Agile vs Waterfall. How to choose between Agile and Waterfall and when Agile is NOT the best option.
• Sprinting. Apply Scrum framework in practice.
• Scrum roles & responsibilities. Define Scrum roles and learn what to expect from each of them.
• Scrum ceremonies. Define Scrum ceremonies and how to effectively facilitate them without compromising self-organisation.
• Product Backlog. Differentiate between a good product backlog and a bad one.
• DoD & DoR. Explain what definition of done and definition of ready are and how to use them in your team.
• User Stories. Learn the concept of user stories and how to break them down.
• Prioritisation techniques. How to prioritise your product backlog using techniques that best fit your project.
• Estimation. How to start estimating your product backlog with story points in case your team starts from scratch.
• Story points vs Ideal days. The difference between story points and ideal days and how to choose what is better.
• Team's Velocity. How to forecast your team's progress.
• Agile metrics. How to evaluate your team's performance.
• Progress reporting. How to report your team's progress using charts.
• Team motivation & rewarding . How to reward your team and understand what really motivates them.

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Your Instructor

Volodymyr Kis

Volodymyr Kis is a senior scrum master and agile coach, but also an online educator and content creator whose main ambition is to enable others adopt agile ways of working. Read more >> 

Volodymyr Kis