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My name is Volodymyr and I am a senior scrum master and agile coach.


For the past 6 years I’ve been helping software teams reach project success

by managing projects from initiation to closure. 

I am Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified SAFe® 5 Scrum Master (SSM), and Professional Scrum Master (PSM). Have hands-on experience working with startups and enterprises (Fortune 500).

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My Story

Despite having a traditional background in project management, I’ve always been about supporting and enabling my teams and really fascinated by agile mindset and its practices towards delivering software projects.


Thanks to this hands-on experience I’ve witnessed a lot of successful projects, but also a great number of failed ones. So I’ve started to record what worked and what didn’t, hence creating a systematic approach to managing projects. 


I proceeded practicing and experimenting with agile. The more I did so, the better results I got compared to projects managed in a more traditional way. 


Hence I've decided to transition myself into agile coaching to help teams grow and succeed.


My mission is to help individuals and teams adopt better ways of working through becoming agile so that they can deliver more value faster and with fewer headaches. 



Glad you want to connect! My calendar is as full as yours, but let's see if I can help! Book here.

See what my professional network has to say.

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I worked closely with Volodymyr for more than two years. He was an invaluable teammate, helping me grow as a manager and leader. I could always count on him to get the job done, even when it meant taking on extra work or difficult tasks. His knowledge of the industry combined with his strong work ethic and soft skills made him one of the most reliable team members I could possibly have. Hope to work together again in the future!

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I had the pleasure of working with Volodymyr on the rebuild and growth of our Plann mobile experience. He was always incredibly organized, thorough, and insightful. He continually went above and beyond to learn about the customer experience, the industry, and the unique challenges of an ever-evolving social media space. His strong communication skills, coupled with his ability to effectively manage and organize a team, made him an incredibly valued teammate. I can't wait to see what he accomplishes in the future and will continue to cheer him on from the sidelines.

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I had pleasure working with Volodymyr in the PMO team of Botscrew. During that time Volodymyr showed himself as a great expert in Agile methodologies and project management processes: he really made an impression of a person who knows all the answers. Thus, in case you are not sure how to implement or improve Agile in your company in order to achieve your most ambitious business targets - better ask Volodymyr!

Vlad, Managing Director
at Rolique

Lauren, Senior Product Manager at Plann

Yurii, Project Delivery Manager at Levi9